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Digital Signage by Score Media & Design

Whether you need a display screen to show promotional videos, showcase your products or present information from a variety of sources, we at Score Media & Design can tailor a digital signage system for you.

Our low cost system has allowed us to implement a plug in and play solution for clients, removing any initial complicated setup steps and minimising daily start up times.

Examples of our solutions are:

  1. Shop Screens – showing products, opening times, social media feeds etc
  2. Reception Screens – bespoke welcome messages, company information and promotional videos
  3. Office Screens – manual update of bespoke information, pulling information from internal systems and company information/objectives
  4. Video Displays – looping videos

Each screen is unique to individual needs therefore we can set up digital signage solutions that allow clients to update welcome messages, to more advanced solutions where users can update a custom-built back end that display graphical data or pull information from other existing systems. Our team of developers can create content from videos, graphics to web unique to each individual’s digital signage requirements.

Interested? Why not contact us today to find out more about our digital signage solutions.

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